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51% of Indian graduates from UK earn above average, 82% satisfied with career: Survey

The number of Indian and international students heading to the UK for education is also on the rise. There has been a 42 per cent increase in the number of Indian students going to the UK for studies. About 51 per cent of Indians graduating from the United Kingdom earn above average and of them,…
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New data reveals where students are the most satisfied – Study Abroad

New student satisfaction data from the International Student Barometer has weighed up responses from over 350,000 students studying at over 800 universities in  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore, UK.  Here’s what you need to know… 86% of students would recommend the UK (the highest rate of any competitor countries) The UK also has the highest satisfaction rates…
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The best study abroad destination in 2019 is the UK

Indian students planning to study abroad this year could pick no better time to apply to a UK university. As Brexit looms and no signs of study and visa restrictions in the US slowing down, the circumstances present the UK as the best possible option for Indian students. UK universities are bracing for their financial coffers…
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Starting from September 1st, Foreign Students Will Apply for a Germany Study Visa

LONDON: Indian students are set to benefit from an improved post-study visa regime as part of a new “International Education Strategy” launched by the UK government on Saturday in preparation for its post-Brexit policies. The strategy is aimed at increasing the total number of international students from around the world choosing to study in the…
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Application Advice for Indian Students

Over 5,000 students from India study undergraduate and postgraduate courses in London. The majority of Indian students study postgraduate courses. Business and computer science courses are the most popular subjects for Indian students followed by engineering, pharmacy, management, IT and software degrees. Source: https://www.studylondon.ac.uk/application-advice/your-country/india