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The best study abroad destination in 2019 is the UK

The best study abroad destination in 2019 is the UK

Indian students planning to study abroad this year could pick no better time to apply to a UK university. As Brexit looms and no signs of study and visa restrictions in the US slowing down, the circumstances present the UK as the best possible option for Indian students.

UK universities are bracing for their financial coffers to shrink thanks to Brexit. They stand not only to lose a pool of EU students post-Brexit, but also the European Research Development Fund – a specially-allocated investment that funds a substantial number of projects amounting to  between 2014-2020 – across higher education providers in the UK.

Today, the US is the top study abroad destination for Indian students, with 135,773 studying there, followed by 46,316 in Australia and 19,905 in Canada, according to UNESCO data. The UK is the fourth-most popular study abroad destination, with 16,655 students.

Less greener pastures across the pond

While the UK scrambles to make itself more attractive to international students, the US is heading in the opposite direction. Since 2017, the Trump Administration has been gradually shutting foreign talent out.

Central to this is the onslaught of restrictions placed on the popular H-1B programme, which allows US employers to bring in foreign-born graduates to fill positions that are unmet by the local labour force. For years, the visa programme was highly popular among Indian graduates – which make up the bulk of those receiving the visa – as a pathway from international student, to skilled expatriate en route to gaining permanent residence and ultimately, US citizenship.

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