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New data reveals where students are the most satisfied – Study Abroad

New data reveals where students are the most satisfied – Study Abroad

New student satisfaction data from the International Student Barometer has weighed up responses from over 350,000 students studying at over 800 universities in  AustraliaCanadaNew Zealand, Europe, Singapore, UK

Here’s what you need to know…

  • 86% of students would recommend the UK (the highest rate of any competitor countries)
  • The UK also has the highest satisfaction rates for the research student experience, ranking number one in 47 of 85 indicators including course content, expert supervisors and research
  • Australia and New Zealand have higher levels of student satisfaction in the learning environment for research degrees than for those on taught degrees
  • Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand all have high safety satisfaction levels, but the US is perceived to be the least safe country
  • Postgraduate researchers in the US are significantly more satisfied with their opportunities to teach than those anywhere else in the world
  • The UK rates the highest for multicultural environment in the learning experience
  • The satisfaction with social activities also varies for the different countries, with
  • The US and the UK coming are top for social activities while New Zealand and Australia lagging behind
  • International students in the UK are far more satisfied with UK culture than students elsewhere.

Source:: https://www.hotcoursesabroad.com/study-abroad-info/latest-news/where-are-the-happiest-international-postgraduate-students/

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